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Welcome to Tucson’s Premier Dryer Repair Service

In the heart of the desert, where the sun shines relentlessly, your dryer isn’t just another appliance; it’s your oasis of convenience. At 5 Star Appliance Repair, we understand the importance of a dependable dryer in your Tucson home. That’s why we’re your trusted partner for all things related to dryer repair and maintenance in this unique climate.

Why Choose Us for Dryer Repair in Tucson?

We’re not your average appliance repair service. Here’s why we stand out:

Local Expertise:

With years of experience serving Tucson and its surrounding areas, 5 Star Appliance Repair knows the ins and outs of dryer repair specific to our desert environment.

Quick Response:

We understand that a malfunctioning dryer can disrupt your daily routine. That’s why we prioritize speedy response times to get your appliance back in action.

Efficiency Matters:

Tucson’s heat can be unforgiving, but we’re here to ensure your dryer performs efficiently, so you don’t have to sweat over your laundry.

Comprehensive Services:

Whether it’s a noisy dryer, poor drying performance, or any other issue, our team of skilled technicians can diagnose and resolve the problem promptly.

Energy-Efficient Solutions:

Looking to reduce your energy bills? We can recommend and install energy-efficient dryer models tailored to Tucson’s climate.

Your Trusted Partner for Dryer Care in Tucson

At 5 Star Appliance Repair, we’re not just repairing dryers; we’re enhancing your comfort and convenience. Explore our range of services designed to keep your dryer running smoothly, even in the face of the Arizona sun. Don’t let dryer issues disrupt your daily life. Contact us today for reliable dryer repair and maintenance services crafted for Tucson residents.

appliance repair Tucson Arizona

Same or next
day repair

24 hours online booking


trusted appliance repair man

15 years
of experience

5 Stars


5 Stars


5 Stars


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Some reviews from our customers

5 Stars

E. Stein

Tucson dryer repairs

My dryer was recently not working properly…a loud noise when it was running. 5 Star Appliance Repair was contacted. An appointment was made the same day. It was repaired and the cost was reasonable. I highly recommend 5 Star Appliance Repair.

5 Stars

Jl Palm

Dryer repair in Tucson

I scheduled repair online. Service man showed up slightly early after calling to confirm early arrival. Had trouble diagnosed and repaired in 30 minutes. Extremely cordial, professional, and effective. Highly recommend!

5 Stars


🔥 Is Your Dryer Giving You the Heat in Tucson, Arizona? 🌵

🔥 Is Your Dryer Giving You the Heat in Tucson, Arizona? 🌵

Hey there, Tucson residents! 🌞

We get it – the scorching Tucson sun can make laundry day feel even more challenging. When your trusty dryer starts acting up, it’s essential to keep it running smoothly. That’s where we come in! 🌟 At 5 Star Appliance Repair Tucson, we’re your go-to experts for all things dryer repair. No matter how high the temperature soars outside, we’re here to make sure your dryer keeps things cool inside.

Why Choose Us for Dryer Repair in Tucson?

🔧 Expertise:

Our team of experienced technicians knows dryers inside and out. We’ve seen it all, from odd noises to clothes not drying correctly, and we’re ready to tackle any issue.

🚚 Local Service:

We’re right here in Tucson, so we know the unique challenges that our desert climate can pose for appliances. We tailor our repair solutions to meet Tucson’s specific needs.

🌟 Quality Service:

We take pride in providing 5-star service every time. Our goal is to get your dryer back up and running as quickly as possible, so you can enjoy the comfort and convenience you deserve.

Dryer Maintenance Tips for Tucson Residents

While we’re always here to help with repairs, here are a few tips to keep your dryer in top shape under the desert sun:

Vent Cleaning:

Make sure your dryer vent is clean and free from obstructions. With the dusty Tucson environment, this is crucial for efficiency and safety.

Regular Lint Removal:

Empty the lint filter after every load. Lint buildup can reduce dryer efficiency and even pose a fire risk.

Inspect Ventilation:

Ensure your dryer’s ventilation system is in good condition. Tucson’s heat can cause wear and tear on hoses and vents.

Professional Maintenance:

Consider scheduling regular maintenance with us. Our experts can catch and prevent issues before they become major problems. Remember, when your dryer isn’t performing its best, don’t sweat it. Just give us a call at 5 Star Appliance Repair Tucson for fast and reliable dryer repair. We’re here to keep your laundry routine cool, even in the desert heat! ☀️🌵 #DryerRepairTucson #TucsonApplianceRepair #5StarService
How much does it cost to repair a dryer in Tucson?

How much does it cost to repair a dryer in Tucson?

When your trusty dryer starts acting up, one of the first concerns that may arise is the cost of repair. After all, a malfunctioning dryer can disrupt your daily routine and laundry plans. In Tucson, understanding the potential costs of dryer repair can help you make informed decisions and keep your appliance running smoothly. Let’s dive into the factors that influence dryer repair costs and provide you with a reliable estimate to guide your choices.

Factors Affecting Dryer Repair Costs:

Type of Issue:

The specific problem with your dryer greatly impacts the repair cost. Common issues like faulty thermostats, broken belts, or malfunctioning heating elements may have varying price ranges.

Parts Replacement:

The cost of replacement parts is a significant factor. High-quality components might cost more but can enhance your dryer’s longevity.

Labor Fees:

Skilled technicians’ time and expertise contribute to the overall cost. Labor charges vary based on the complexity of the repair and the service provider.

Brand and Model:

Different brands and models have unique designs and parts availability, which can affect the overall repair cost.

DIY vs. Professional Repair:

While DIY attempts might seem cost-effective, improper repairs can lead to more expensive issues down the line. Hiring a professional ensures proper diagnosis and repair.

Average Dryer Repair Costs in Tucson:

The cost of dryer repair in Tucson can range from $100 to $400 or more. Basic repairs such as belt replacement might be on the lower end, while complex issues involving control panels or motors may cost more.

Tips to Manage Dryer Repair Costs:

Regular Maintenance:

Perform routine cleaning and maintenance to prevent potential issues and extend your dryer’s lifespan.

Prompt Attention:

Address minor problems promptly to avoid larger, more costly repairs later.

Professional Expertise:

Hiring a trusted and experienced dryer repair service, like 5 Star Appliance Repair in Tucson, ensures accurate diagnosis and efficient repairs.

Understanding the factors influencing dryer repair costs empowers you to make informed decisions when facing appliance issues. Remember, quality repairs can save you money in the long run by extending your dryer’s lifespan and minimizing the risk of further complications. If you’re seeking reliable dryer repair services in Tucson, turn to 5 Star Appliance Repair for expert assistance. Our dedicated team is here to provide efficient, cost-effective solutions for all your dryer repair needs.

5 Star Appliance Repair team: dryer repair Tucson

Here’s a table that outlines average repair costs for common dryer problems across different well-known brands in Tucson:

Common Problem Whirlpool LG Samsung Maytag Kenmore GE
Heating Element Replacement $120 – $180 $140 – $200 $90 – $150 $220 – $320 $170 – $270 $120 – $180
Drum Belt Replacement $100 – $150 $120 – $180 $80 – $130 $180 – $280 $120 – $180 $100 – $150
Thermal Fuse Replacement $80 – $130 $100 – $150 $60 – $110 $120 – $180 $90 – $140 $80 – $130
Motor Replacement $180 – $280 $240 – $340 $150 – $250 $280 – $380 $230 – $330 $180 – $280
Control Panel Repair $150 – $200 $180 – $230 $130 – $180 $210 – $260 $160 – $210 $150 – $200
Igniter Replacement $100 – $150 $120 – $180 $80 – $130 $180 – $230 $120 – $180 $100 – $150

Please note that these are estimated average costs for the specified repairs and can vary based on factors such as the severity of the issue, parts quality, and other factors. It’s advisable to obtain quotes from reputable repair services to get a more accurate estimate for your specific dryer and problem.

The Hidden Danger Lurking in Your Home: Why Regular Dryer Vent Cleaning is a Must

The Hidden Danger Lurking in Your Home: Why Regular Dryer Vent Cleaning is a Must

When it comes to household chores, few things seem as innocuous as your trusty clothes dryer. However, lurking behind its convenience is a potential hazard that often goes unnoticed: a clogged dryer vent. While it might not be on your regular cleaning checklist, maintaining a clean dryer vent is crucial for your safety, energy efficiency, and the longevity of your appliance. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the value and importance of regular dryer vent cleaning, and we’ll introduce you to a local professional cleaning company, Air Duct Cleaning of Tucson, that can help ensure your dryer’s performance and your family’s safety.

The Hidden Danger:

Lint, that seemingly harmless fluff that accumulates in your dryer’s lint trap, can spell trouble when it makes its way into your dryer vent. Over time, lint can build up, obstructing the flow of air and causing your dryer to work harder and less efficiently. But that’s not the worst part – a clogged dryer vent can become a serious fire hazard. The lint is highly flammable, and all it takes is a spark or overheating to ignite a potentially catastrophic fire in your home.

Value and Importance of Regular Cleaning:

Safety First: Your family’s safety is paramount. Regular dryer vent cleaning significantly reduces the risk of a dryer-related fire, providing you with peace of mind.

Energy Efficiency: 

A clogged dryer vent forces your dryer to work harder and longer, resulting in higher energy consumption and utility bills. Cleaning the vent improves your dryer’s efficiency, saving you money in the long run.

Appliance Longevity: 

Just like any other appliance, your dryer has a lifespan. Proper maintenance, including regular vent cleaning, can help extend its life and delay the need for costly replacements.

Faster Drying Times:

 A clean vent allows air to circulate freely, leading to faster drying times for your laundry.

Improved Air Quality: 

A clogged vent can lead to moisture buildup and mold growth, impacting indoor air quality. Regular cleaning helps maintain a healthy living environment.


Meet the Professionals: Air Duct Cleaning of Tucson

To ensure your dryer operates efficiently and safely, we recommend enlisting the help of professionals. Air Duct Cleaning of Tucson specializes in comprehensive vent cleaning services that will leave your dryer vent debris-free and your mind at ease.

Why Choose Air Duct Cleaning of Tucson?

Specialized Proficiency: With extensive experience and a focus on advanced HVAC air duct cleaning, Air Duct Cleaning of Tucson brings a wealth of expertise to your service. Their seasoned technicians are well-versed in intricate cleaning procedures, making dryer vent cleaning an effortless task. Equipped with specialized tools, they ensure a comprehensive and thorough cleansing of your dryer vent, leaving no room for debris or concerns

Safety First: They understand the critical importance of maintaining a secure living environment for you and your loved ones. By meticulously removing potential fire hazards through their expert dryer vent cleaning services, they go above and beyond to fortify the safety measures within your home, providing you with the peace of mind you deserve.

Convenience: Their easy booking process, either by phone at 520-442-2882 or online at www.AirDuctCleaningTucson.com, ensures a hassle-free experience.

Mention 5 Star Appliance Repair for Exclusive Savings:

When booking with Air Duct Cleaning of Tucson, don’t forget to mention “5 Star Appliance Repair” to unlock an exclusive $10 discount on your dryer vent cleaning service. It’s a small investment that pays off in peace of mind, energy savings, and a safer home.


Don’t let a hidden danger compromise your home’s safety and your appliance’s efficiency. Regular dryer vent cleaning is a must for every homeowner. By partnering with professionals like Air Duct Cleaning of Tucson, you’re taking a proactive step toward a safer, more efficient, and healthier home environment. Remember, it’s not just about convenience – it’s about safeguarding what matters most.

5 Star Appliance Repair team: dryer repair Tucson

Can I fix my dryer myself?

Can I fix my dryer myself?

 Whether or not you can fix your dryer yourself depends on the type of repair needed and your level of expertise. Some simple repairs, such as cleaning out the lint filter or replacing a blown fuse, can be done relatively easily by someone with basic handyman skills.

However, more complex repairs, such as fixing the heating element or replacing the motor, may require a higher level of technical expertise and specialized tools. Attempting to repair a dryer without proper knowledge or experience can be dangerous and may cause more damage to the appliance.

Here are some of the most common problems with dryers and how to fix them:

  • The dryer is not heating. This is a common problem that can be caused by a number of things, such as a faulty heating element, a blocked vent, or a faulty thermostat. 
  • The dryer is not drying the clothes properly. This can be caused by a clogged vent or lint trap, or a faulty fan. 
  • The dryer is making noise. Again, there are several things to check, such as a faulty motor, a loose door seal, or a broken fan. 

Some tips for fixing your dryer yourself:

  • Be careful. Dryers are heavy and can be dangerous if they are not handled properly.
  • Unplug the dryer before you start working on it. This will prevent an electrical shock.
  • Use the right tools. You will need a screwdriver, a wrench, and a multimeter.
  • Take your time. Don’t rush when you are working on your dryer.
  • Be careful not to damage any parts. If you are not sure how to do something, it is best to call a professional appliance repair technician.

It’s always best to consult the owner’s manual or seek the help of a professional repair technician if you are unsure about how to proceed with a repair. In general, if you have some basic knowledge and experience with household repairs, and the repair needed is a simple one, then fixing a dryer can be relatively easy.

However, for more complex repairs or if you are unsure about what to do, it is always best to seek the help of a professional. This can save you time and money in the long run and ensure that the repair is done safely and correctly.

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